Month: February 2017

Avoidable (but Common) Errors in Content Writing – Part 2

What are the Avoidable Errors in Content Writing - Part 2 by IHuS Research
Another snapshot of common mistakes while writing content, this post further explores what content writers often get wrong.


No two individuals write in the same way. Much like their personality, every person has a unique style of writing. In fact, the style of writing is largely a reflection of our personalities. When working on a project that involves a lot of content, it makes sense to have one person write all the content instead of multiple people writing the content. This ensures consistency of voice, making it coherent and easy to read. The reader feels that one person is talking to him or her.


However, assigning a single writer is rarely, if at all, possible when dealing with large projects. In such cases, there should preferably be a single editor who can lend the aforementioned unified voice. Good content writing firms consider this a priority. Also, it is important to determine the target audience and then decide how they would like the voice to sound. Content for ‘light’ topics can be conversational in nature. However, for technical and other so-called serious topics, the tone is best kept neutral and matter-of-fact.


An inconsistent voice is not a writing error per se but it does bring the need for uniformity into focus. Let us take a look at some other similar ‘errors’ today. These are not writing mistakes like incorrect punctuation or misspelled words but errors that creep in when you overlook something.


Presence of Extra Spaces

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Avoidable (but Common) Errors in Content Writing – Part 1

Common Errors in Writing | IHuS Research


Of the few certainties of life, typing mistakes while writing would rank fairly high. Even the greatest minds have trouble getting everything right in their first drafts.


In fact, even professional content writers make such mistakes. The problem is not that mistakes are made but that people are unable to detect and rectify them. This especially happens while editing one’s own write-ups.


And even though the intermingling of different cultures and proliferation of chat clients and messengers, social media, news media, and web content has resulted in content that does not adhere much to traditional grammar rules (rather, it focuses on a good read), some rules do make for good writing.


Here is a small compilation of common errors in content writing that can be easily avoided.

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