Month: April 2017

Digital Marketing 101 – Adapting to New Google Search Algorithms

Google’s search algorithm update on 7th February 2017 seemed to have passed under the radar. Many webmasters were unsure if it was even implemented. However, within hours, its impact was obvious.


Google has had to face some music since their November 2016 update. Search results seemed to be misleading and a lot of the top results were questionable while some of them were outright fake or satirical websites. The new update not only addresses some of the issues, it has also refined a lot of other aspects that determine a website’s search rank.


Today, we take a look at the effect and possible motivation behind the recent changes without delving into the technical aspects, endless graphs, and extended analyses. Some of the results have left most content writers as well as digital marketers bewildered. So, if you are left wondering what went wrong, trust that you are not alone. What seemed to work a few months ago is not producing the same results anymore or worse, having a negative impact on website traffic.

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How to Create Good Content for Marketing for Smartphone Users in 2017

More users access online content on their phone rather than for large screen devices like a PC or laptop. Industry experts have been saying this for years. Yet, somehow, it does not seem to have produced the desired results. Many web managers and content marketers seem to be at a loss when asked about the subject. Changing technology seems to always be a step ahead of their best efforts. But creating good content for mobile users is not hard.


One of the major problems simply seems to be the website’s design. The elements realign, the menus seem to be work, but the size of the text and other visual elements are too small to read. Other problems include uninteresting content, lack of user focus, etc. These are easy problems to fix, if one takes the right approach. Here’s how you go about it:

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