Month: September 2017

Mobile-Ready Vs Mobile-Friendly: Which One to Choose?

Since 2015, online searches on mobile devices have surpassed those on desktops. More and more webmasters are now keen to jump onto the mobile website bandwagon and ensure their websites list high when people search on mobiles. They choose one of three options to optimise their websites for mobile searches.


So what are these options, you ask? Well, lucky you !

In this post, we look at each of these. But please remember, this is a brief overview. We are not deep diving into the various nuances and intricacies associated with each.


Also, each of these options has a different approach and not equally effective in delivering the results you might seek. So, in case you want more details on what you ought to do, please give us a call or send an email. You may also talk to your developer and hear what they say.

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4 Unexpected Yet Powerful Tips to Ace Off-Page SEO On Your Own

Most digital marketers and webmasters have a love-hate relationship with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies and tactics. They know the immense benefits they can reap when they do SEO right but many dislike the meticulous care it requires. Not to mention the frequent changes and updates to search algorithms that make it tougher to keep up and adapt.


In light of this, it seems almost ironic that hiring SEO companies is a common practice. Surely there are some things you can do yourself if the experts find it as cumbersome as any novice. There are two ways to look at this. SEO experts will be able to handle and execute their strategy faster. If you choose to do it yourself, there are a number of things you need to research before being somewhat competent. There are a number of basic SEO methods you can implement to give your website a kick start before you approach an SEO services company. Off-page SEO is one aspect you might be able to control with relative ease, at least at the start.

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How to Identify Low-Quality Pages on Your Website

Search engines are getting smarter with every passing day. It is evident from the frequent algorithm updates of the engine itself and the changes in the search ranking of various websites following one. While some websites manage to stay on top after algorithm updates are rolled out, other take a hit and struggle to climb back up the list of search results again.


Each search engine has its own criteria that it uses to rank different web pages. However, there a few common factors that determine the fate of a web page regardless of algorithm updates. One of the crucial ones is bad quality. All search engines penalise low-quality websites and demote them in search results to give way to high-quality web pages. To ensure that your website is not penalised, identify the low-quality pages and either remove them from your site or address the problem. Here are a few tips to get started.

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Mobile First Indexing | 3 Things to Do Right Now

Some of the biggest search engines have announced that they are moving to a mobile first indexing. With mobile devices are ruling the way searches are carried out on the internet, it has not been totally unforeseen. And if you have not implemented a mobile-first strategy in your content and web design, time is running out.  Search algorithm updates favour mobile-friendly and responsive websites leaving the desktop-only websites in the dust. You obviously do not want to be a part of the latter group.
Many businesses, rightly advised by their SEO Services Firm, have moved on to create mobile-friendly websites or created a separate mobile version of their website. If you are looking to make the transition, it could bring up lots of questions. While it is not possible to list every possible scenario in a single post, here are 3 of the most basic things you need to do as you foray in to the world of mobile-first indexing.

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