Month: April 2018

Three Major Mistakes that are Stopping Your Business from Growing

It is a common fallacy for businesses to believe that market growth and their profits are interrelated. However, it does not hold true in cases where the company has made some fundamental errors in operations and in marketing. In such situations, the competition will outpace the business in the blink of an eye and it will become difficult if not impossible if there is no radical shift in how the business operates.


In this post, we will share a few reasons why businesses do not get customers despite strong sector growth and what you can do to avoid this situation for your business:


Reason #1: Not Having a Good Website or Promoting It


If you want more customers, you need to create a high-quality website with exceptional content. This is more important than anything else you do online.


But what do we mean by a high-quality website? Here are a few pointers:



    • The website must have great visual appeal and has plenty of images, videos, infographics, etc. to grab the visitor’s attention

    • Has compelling content and provides information that the visitors are looking for

    • Has a sensible layout and navigation structure so that visitors do not get confused

    • Has important pages such as About, Contact, Services, etc. so that the visitors can easily find the information they need

    • Has a Blog or News section that is updated regularly to share important things happening in the company and to an extent, the industry

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Does Hiring an SEO Firm with Market Expertise Help Avoid Business Failure?

We will keep the answer to this question short and simple – Yes, it does.
Why, you ask?
Let us give you Three simple but important reasons why it makes sense to hire a niche Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company with industry expertise:
Expertise and Experience
Each industry has its unique fundamentals, marketing strategies, terminology and target audience. A niche SEO company is usually one that has worked in the industry for some time and has developed the necessary chops to deliver what they promise. It is much better equipped to get you to your goals.
SEO Services
This SEO company can also help you find sub-niches in your sector be it in your audience, marketing style, etc. that are yet to be discovered or explored by your competitors. It helps you focus on these areas and concentrate your efforts to stand out from the rest.

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An Unconventional Guide to SEO for the Finance Industry

Finance has always been a competitive industry and it has become more so with the advances in technology. The mobile revolution, AI, machine learning, blockchain, etc. are turning things on their head.
Suddenly, people have more options in their hands to understand things a bit better before they make a choice. In most cases, we love to do a bit of research online before we even call up the customer service or step into the offices of a finance company. Unless we have already made up our minds, we type in our query and look at a few of the top results that come up.
It is thus crucial for finance firms to rank high in search results for relevant keywords. If SEO is done right, it will make sure that you are right there at the top and have a better chance of engaging the visitor and even turn her into a loyal customer.
A few rules for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are universal and can be applied to any industry. Some of them include publishing keyword-rich and high-quality content (usually known as SEO-optimised content), using Image Alt Tags, removing broken links, creating unique title tags, structured layout, intuitive navigation etc. However, there are a few industry-based SEO strategies that work well for specific sectors.
SEO Services for Finance, Finance SEO
Here are a few tips on finance industry SEO that you may not have known before:

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