About Us

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IHuS has one objective – to boost your business growth.

We do this by taking care of a key aspect of your business – its marketing. In addition, we offer supporting services that help you build a strong brand presence in a span of a few months.

We offer what we call Digital+ Marketing Services that align your offline and online marketing strategies and disparate plans into a unified, systematic and effective plan of action.

We mix and match various aspects of digital and traditional marketing to boost your revenues and even profits.  

We also offer support services such as content management and strategy, multimedia solutions, business research and consultancy. These are also offered as stand-alone services.

In addition, we have tied up with partners across various fields to offer you website and app development and management, company formation and account management, coworking spaces, HR recruitment, and ISO quality certifications.  In other words, right from forming a company to finding a space to start working, or from getting a team together to get the necessary approvals and certifications, we help you take care of every challenge you face in your business journey.

IHuS Research Works for You

Why Us?

What makes us different from the rest are three things:  

  1. YOU
  2. Research-based, Data Driven Work
  3. Focus on Giving You the Results You Need

Let us clarify what we mean.

Reason #1 That Makes Us Different – YOU

We only offer custom solutions, not standardised cookie-cutter packages. This means our solutions are specifically tailored to suit your goals and needs.

For instance, if you are fashion designer who is already quite savvy with social media, then you will need only SEO services. Similarly, if you are a software solutions company catering to only, say, the BFSI sector, then you need solutions that help you get more visitors and leads from that target market and not from other industry segments that do not have any need for your solutions.

Whether you are start-up looking to have someone place you on the buzz map, or a large company looking for someone to run a product promo campaign, we customise solutions that are for you and you alone – NO ONE ELSE

Reason #2 That Makes Us Different – Research-based, Data Driven Work

All the work we do is based on research.

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From understanding your industry to the customer demographic, we deep dive into understanding the factors that influence the growth results you seek and which of these can be used to your benefit and how. From brainstorming with you and your key team members on the data to derivative out-of-the-box thinking, we accelerate ideas and map them out into executable action plans.

We believe this is the key factor that makes us different from the rest.

We have worked with 90+ industries since we started our journey. This gives us a breadth of expertise that few can compete with. We inherently understand how an industry operates, are able to identify emerging trends and technologies that offer significant leapfrogging opportunities and what you and we need to do boost your growth within your budget.  

Reason #3 That Makes Us Different – Focus on Giving You the Results You Need

Our initial question usually is “What are you looking for from us?” We focus on understanding your needs and dividing them into what is achievable in what timeframe. We focus on giving you a realistic picture of how we (you and IHuS) can get you where you want to be.

For instance, you may be looking at 2x sales growth in two or three months from SEO or SMO. We will tell you that this is usually not possible – unless you combine these two approaches with a form of guerrilla marketing. In such scenarios, you will have to look beyond SEO or SMO and at SEM or PPC, as it is more commonly called, SMM, emails, SMSes, print, broadcast and even telesales, and integrate the chosen aspects into a cohesive and systematic action plan.

This realistic strategy allows us to deliver to you the results we promised.

This three-pronged approach allows us to deliver results that astound our clients. The fact that we have 100% retention rate among the clients we choose to continue working with attests our abilities to a considerable degree.

Does that mean, we are expensive? No, we are not.

We give you solutions at price points that others cannot.

Call us at +91-8800 ### ### between 10 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday or send a mail to [email protected] to know more or send your query. You may also follow us through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Pinterest