Social Media Content

We offer effective social media content that allows you to reach the right customer and promote your business or brand in the most effective way possible. We cater to all businesses and organisations that are looking for industry experts who can help them build their own or their customer’s brand on social media.


We have the expertise to say the right thing to the right audience. Whether you are a digital marketing firm or a larger corporation looking for social media experts who know what to say and when, we can take care of all your content needs.

Social Media Content Writing Services

Our social media content writing and editing services, include, among others:

  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Classifieds
  • Case studies

Our speciality lies in our extensive knowledge of social media and expertise across a diverse range of industries, from health and beauty to lifestyle and travel. We are also quite focussed on quality and delivery timelines, which make our content invaluable for firms who need to get their social media content updated on a regular basis.


Our focus on delivering content that is likeable and shareable. At IHuS, we understand that content requirements of each social media platform are different. What can be posted on Facebook for instance, does not go with a comparative platform, say Google Plus, leave alone LinkedIn or Twitter. This inherent understanding of the requirements of each social media site allows us to create custom original content in each post for each platform.


Contact us if you are looking for a dependable partner to create custom social media content for you.

Important Update

We are currently working on an in-house project in the financial services domain - something that was conceived 25 years ago but not started across the years for multiple reasons.

This year, we are giving that dream a shot.

Nonetheless, our digital strategy and support services remain active. And you may contact us at the email we have mentioned in the Contact Us page. The phone number has been diverted for a different use. 

Thank you and have a good day. 

The IHuS Research Team